Practitioner of the Month: Eunjoo Rombu, RMT

Practitioner of the Month: Eunjoo Rombu, RMT

Every month, we’re showcasing one of our amazing practitioners so you can get to know them and their services better.

Eunjoo Rombu
Registered Massage Therapist




After two decades working as a pottery instructor, Eunjoo Rombu has chosen to use her hands in a different way – to soothe away your stress, aches and pains. She is a graduate of Vancouver Career College with a special interest in improving postural balance. Eunjoo like to say, “take charge of your posture before pain controls your life”.



We sat down with Eunjoo to learn more about her massage techniques and how you can relieve neck and shoulder pain at home.

1) You used to be a pottery instructor. Why did you make the switch to massage therapy?

I worked with clay for more than twenty years and had a great adventure. Unfortunately, my wage didn’t change for almost twenty years which is why I decided to do something different. Since becoming an RMT, I feel as though I am extending my art through breathing, living people. I am kneading, moulding and sculpting my patients towards optimal health and wellness. I just love the tactile aspect of my work and enjoy every minute of it!

2) Canadians are experiencing more neck and shoulder pain due to increased computer and smartphone use. What can people do on their own to alleviate neck and should pain?

I suggest to all my patients:

  1. Use a heat pad because it’s very easy to use and feels so good.
  2. Open up your chest and practise deep breathing.
  3. Be aware of your posture and try to fix bad habits. For example, many people lean their heads forward when working on the computer and texting on smartphones. Be aware of this posture shift and move your head and neck back often to prevent muscle pain.

3) You incorporate infrared therapy in your massage treatments. How does it benefit your patients?

This infographic does an excellent job of highlighting all the benefits of infrared therapy:

Image from

4) Massages reduce pain, eases stress and more. What can people do to prolong the benefits of their massage?

Homecare! I tell all my patients what they can do at home and work to maintain good posture and what areas should be stretched and strengthened based on individual needs and issues. I always say, “I am here to guide you through which stretches and strengthening exercises need to be done to benefit you. The ball is in your court, you can do homecare as much you want to get better.”

5) What’s something most people don’t know about massage therapy?

Massage can help with depression and anxiety. The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine reviewed over a dozen massage studies and concluded massage therapy relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety by altering the body’s biochemistry. Researchers measured cortisol in about 500 men, women and children and discovered that levels of the stress hormone decreased by up to 53% after a massage. The studies also found massage therapy increased serotonin and dopamine production, important neurotransmitters that combat depression.


Whether you’re dealing with back aches or postural issues, Eunjoo and her healing hands can help you return to a life where pain isn’t holding you back. Come in for a 45-minute or 60-minute massage and start your recovery journey today.


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