Practitioner of the Month: Morgan Rees, Chiropractor

Practitioner of the Month: Morgan Rees, Chiropractor

Every month, we’re showcasing one of our amazing practitioners so you can get to know them and their services better.

Morgan Rees




Dr. Morgan Rees wants to help you put pain in the past so you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to recover faster from a back injury or enhance your athletic performance, Morgan can assist you in achieving your goals through custom treatment plans, preventative care and a diverse array of chiropractic techniques.

Morgan was born and raised in Wales. He holds a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Since graduating, Morgan has expanded his skill set by completing training in:

  • Tool-assisted myofascial release
  • Pregnancy and pediatrics
  • Cranial and TMJ therapy
  • Metabolic typing nutrition therapy

In 2010, Morgan opened his own clinic and helped countless people get back to pain-free lives before selling the practice in 2018 to move to Canada. His areas of interest include pregnancy and pediatrics, rehabilitative exercise and sports performance.



Morgan tells us how he got into chiropractic and the best ways you can prevent back pain.

1) What led you to become a chiropractor?

When I was 13 years of age, I hurt my lower back playing cricket. I visited a local clinic where a very nice chiropractor, who not only got me back in to shape, but helped me advance into my career, offering advice and work experience when that time came. It was a clear path for me as I have always been interested in the human body and how I could possibly help others with knowledge gained.

2) What are the top causes of back pain and how can people avoid them?

One of the top causes of back pain that we see in clinic is being sedentary at work and home. There is a build up of restriction over time that leads to pain. The best way to avoid this build up is to be more active during the day. Having more active rest from the computer at work and incorporating more movement to your leisure time will help.

Another cause of back pain is being over stressed from repetitive movements. We see this from those who work in professions that require you to be on your feet a lot and also to lift and move things around all day, as these tend to build a lot of imbalance to their movements. To avoid this kind of build up, we look towards removing the restrictions and stabilizing to balance the movements more, reducing the overall stress on the painful structures.

3) Besides back pain, is there anything else chiropractic can help with?

Definitely! We work with the musculo-skeletal system as a whole and so any problem you may be having, such as shoulder or knee pain, we can treat. We can help those with certain headache issues, and also help to relieve some of the discomfort related to pregnancy.

4) What does a chiropractic treatment with you look like?

A treatment may take many forms as I try to use the most suitable method for you and your problem. The most common and most beneficial method is manual adjusting of the spine and peripheral joints such as the ankle or shoulder. This is where you may hear a few clicks and pops. I also use mobilization techniques and an Activator instrument if the adjustment cannot be done for any reason. I can use a pad drop technique, blocks and rollers to help mobilize if need be. Also, in the session we will go through some muscle release, whether that be stretching, pressing, scraping or movement based. There will usually be some advice on exercise rehabilitation and other factors that may help, such as sleeping position or work desk ergonomics.

5) What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about chiropractic care?

I would like people to understand that chiropractic is not just about cracking backs. There is much information and many techniques that we spend years learning that are beneficial to your health and wellbeing. It is not just about getting treatment for pain, but for improving the quality of life overall.


Dealing with a stiff neck, aching back or searing migraines? Our chiropractor is ready to give you the treatment and support you need to overcome whatever is standing in your way towards better health. 

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