Seven natural ways to get healthy, glowing skin

Seven natural ways to get healthy, glowing skin

Seven natural ways to get healthy, glowing skin

A fountain of youth may not exist, however it is possible to prevent and even reverse the signs of aging. From diet improvements to changes in our daily routines, there are many ways to take better care of your face. Here are seven natural, easy ways to boost the look of your skin.

1) Protect your skin from sunlight

It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or cloudy out – sunscreen is a must 365 days a year. Daily UV exposure causes visible signs of aging and getting too much sun can contribute to rashes and skin cancer. Slather on sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher and reapply throughout the day for maximum protection. While you’re at it, slip on sunglasses to protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

2) Clean your face every night

Make sure to remove all makeup before you go to bed. Leaving makeup on means chemicals and bacteria stay on your skin, causing clogged pores and dryness. Wash your face with a toner or cleanser to remove dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. For eye makeup, opt for a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes regularly as they accumulate dirt and bacteria too.

3) Go to bed earlier

There’s a reason why it’s called “beauty sleep”. When you’re off in dreamland, your body is working hard to repair and revitalize your skin. Wake up with fresh skin and avoid under eye circles by getting at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep per night.

4) Stay hydrated

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Water flushes out toxins that trigger blemishes and inflammation, and helps transport valuable nutrients to your skin cells. Dehydration makes your skin look pale and saggy, so staying hydrated is key to preventing premature aging.

5) Moisturize regularly

Besides keeping your body hydrated, it’s also important to keep your skin hydrated by using a good moisturizer. Moisturizers don’t add moisture on their own, they maintain the water content already in your skin. This makes them the best weapon to fight off dryness. Remember to always moisturize after you shower and before you go to bed.

6) Add more vitamin C into your diet

Ward off wrinkles and keep your face looking youthful by eating fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. Vitamin C produces collagen, a crucial protein that makes skin stronger and more firm. Examples of vitamin C rich foods include citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers, dark leafy greens, broccoli, and kiwi fruit.

7) Try facial acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a safe, painless, and effective treatment that can help you achieve healthy, radiant skin. When acupuncture points are stimulated, blood flow and skin elasticity are increased. This results in a brighter, more youthful look. Cosmetic acupuncture has shown to smooth out fine lines, reduce puffiness under the eyes, tighten pores, enhance skin moisture, and more.

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