Practitioner of the Month: Masako Doi, Acupuncturist

Practitioner of the Month: Masako Doi, Acupuncturist

Every month, we’re showcasing one of our amazing practitioners so you can get to know them and their services better.

Masako Doi
Registered Acupuncturist




Masako loves using her diverse skill set to assist people on their journey to better health. Using traditional acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, Tuina massage, electro-stimulation, cupping and Chinese herbal medicine, she has helped many patients overcome a variety of physical and mental ailments.

Masako’s areas of interest include musculoskeletal conditions, anxiety and depression, digestion issues and female reproductive health. She is currently working alongside a midwife and using acupuncture to help patients with issues related to pregnancy, fertility and more. Masako has also completed courses on facial acupuncture and in the process of becoming certified in point injection therapy.

We got in touch with Masako to get her top mental health tips and to learn more about acupuncture.



1) How has Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) impacted your life?

I always had digestion problems during my childhood. Stress affected my digestive system and I experienced an upset stomach and felt fatigued often. I also had an aversion to oily, greasy meat products and was not able to digest those foods well. Because of that, I had anemia during my entire childhood. I was a pale and tired kid.

When I studied TCM, all my problem made so much sense. I wasn’t very sick but didn’t have enough energy because of my bad digestion. Nobody really figured it out before. Now thanks to TCM, I am more strong and able to hike, run and be much more active.

2) In 2013, an estimated three million Canadians reported that they had a mood or anxiety disorder. Besides seeking professional care, what can people do to improve their mental health?

It may be an ordinary answer but the best thing you can do is exercise. I recommend cardio exercises because in TCM, we believe Qi/energy stagnation is the cause of anxiety. Air = Qi = Energy. More oxygen will move Qi in the body.

If you are not able to do physical exercises, breathing mediation will be best. Kundalini Yoga has lots of breathing exercises with some easy physical movement. It will send oxygen to your limbs and improve your circulation.

3) Your areas of interest include pregnancy, fertility and menstruation. How does acupuncture support women’s health?

Acupuncture supports our homeostasis by relieving stress. In our society, there are so many stress factors for women. Women have so many roles compared to the old days. Stress affects our hormone levels significantly. Also, women are deciding to have children later in life. TCM/Acupuncture helps boost energy levels and regulates the body to improve fertility.

4) What’s something most people don’t know about acupuncture?

Acupuncture and electroacupuncture induce the release of hormones and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine which have been used for anti-depression medication. Also, serotonin has a major role in modulating pain perception so acupuncture helps enhance our own healing power.

5) What does an initial acupuncture appointment with you look like?

I will do a consultation for the first 15 minutes to discover your health concern. I will also check your posture and ask questions about your life habits and diet as well. Then I will start to check your muscle condition with stretching and maybe some cupping. I always ask patients to be comfortable. I know acupuncture sometimes sounds scary but most patients are surprised when they don’t feel anything. I slowly introduce acupuncture for those who have never had it before. You may have some Tuina or stretching during treatment and get some exercise recommendations after treatment. I am very happy to help patients and do whatever it takes. I am here to share all my knowledge to get you better.


Masako has supported many patients on their health and wellness journey and she is looking forward to working with you too.


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