Natural remedies to relieve anxiety and stress

Natural remedies to relieve anxiety and stress

Natural remedies to relieve anxiety and stress

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. However, when it gets too intense, stress can turn into issues like anxiety disorders, insomnia, high blood pressure, and depression. Learning how to deal with stress properly is so important for both your mental and physical health. If you struggle with stress or anxiety regularly, read on for seven natural, drug-free solutions you can try right away.

1) Spend time with animals

Pets provide love, companionship, and support – all things you need for good mental health. Last year, there was even a study published that found pets improved the wellbeing of people experiencing mental health conditions like anxiety. If caring for a pet is not possible, you can always visit your local cat café or volunteer at an animal shelter. Good news for people with allergies: the animals you interact with don’t need to be furry either. Research conducted in 2015 found the psychological health of elderly people improved when they started looking after crickets.


2) Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses fragrant plant oils to help you relax. They can be inhaled directly, put in a diffuser, or added to a bath. Lavender is known for its soothing abilities and can help you get a better night’s sleep. A study in 2007 discovered that lavender aromatherapy minimized the production of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. Other great essential oils to experiment with include jasmine, bergamot, sweet orange, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang.


3) Replace “yes” with “no”

Learning how to say no is key if you often find yourself taking on more than you can chew. Whether it’s agreeing to too many social outings or taking on someone else’s work at the office, there are a number of stressful scenarios that can be avoided if you started saying no more often. Be selective of what you commit to and don’t be afraid to turn down things that don’t benefit you.


4) Get moving

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. It helps you sleep better, enhances cognitive function, lowers stress hormones and releases feel-good endorphins. Aim for 30-minute exercise sessions three to five times a week. Choose activities you like so you don’t dread doing them.


5) Let it all out on paper

Write down what’s bothering you. Many people report feeling a release of negative energy once they’ve let their worries and stresses out on paper. Another thing you could do is jot down things you’re grateful for. It can be anything – from your daughter’s smile to your favourite meal to a small achievement you made at work. Studies on gratitude show it can improve mental strength and increase happiness by making you focus on the positive things in life.


6) Cut back on the caffeine

Coffee is a stimulant and can make you feel jittery or anxious if you drink too much. It can even worsen anxiety disorders. It’s definitely not for everyone even though some studies have found coffee to be healthy in moderation. Everyone has varying caffeine thresholds and reacts differently to it.

If you can’t give up your cups of joe, try cutting it down to one to two cups per day and see if your anxiety symptoms improve. You can also switch to beverages with less caffeine like green tea. Beware of other caffeine sources in your diet like soda and chocolate.


7) See an acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a natural, drug-free solution that’s been gaining popularity since the 1970s. A few recent studies have shown how acupuncture can help treat stress, anxiety and even depression. How is this possible? When acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin, it slows the production of stress hormones. It also releases endorphins and kick starts the brain’s production of serotonin. This naturally relaxes you and enhances your mood without risking the side effects that come with prescription medications. If you’re clinically diagnosed with anxiety or depression, consult your doctor first before starting acupuncture or making any changes to your prescribed treatment plan.

From excessive worrying to chronic stress, our renowned team of registered acupuncturists have helped countless patients reclaim control over their mental wellbeing. It’s very likely they can help you too.

Ready to start your recovery journey?

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