Are There Risks or Side Effects Related to Acupuncture? | #AskRTT 016

Are There Risks or Side Effects Related to Acupuncture? | #AskRTT 016

Acupuncture is a natural, drug-free solution used to treat everything from chronic pain and seasonal allergies to digestive disorders and menstrual issues. It produces very few side effects (if any) and is a great alternative compared to painkillers and prescription medications.

At Royal Treatment Therapeutics, we can also direct bill to most insurance companies so you don’t have to pay out of pocket or deal with any paperwork. We can direct bill to the following extended health plans:

  • Chamber of Commerce Group
  • Cowan Insurance Group
  • Desjardins
  • Great West Life
  • Green Shield
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Manulife
  • Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • SSQ Financial Group
  • Standard Life
  • Sunlife
  • The Co-Operators

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