Jayden Kim
Registered Acupuncturist


Jayden Kim graduated with a diploma in Acupuncture from Burnaby’s PCU College of Holistic Medicine. During his time at Pioneer Ergonomic and Dawson Medical Clinic, Jayden helped many patients overcome everything from chronic pain and digestive disorders to stress and infertility.

What sets him apart from other Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners is that he’s one of the few Registered Acupuncturists in North America to offer Korean Elemental Therapy services. Dating back almost four centuries, this ancient therapy is the most popular acupuncture technique in South Korea. It relies on five element points (also known as shu points) and four needles to bring balance back to the body and mind.

Jayden combines Korean Elemental Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine in his practice to maximize results when treating back, neck, and knee pain, headaches, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, infertility, addiction, chronic fatigue, skin concerns, and more.

If you’re not a fan of needles, you’ll be glad to know Jayden offers non-needle acupuncture. Jayden uses safe, effective equipment including an ion beam, electro infrared stone machine, and special aluminum pallets to deliver similar results as traditional acupuncture. He also offers acupressure stimulation and Point Injection Therapy – both are excellent options if you’re seeking natural pain relief.

During his spare time, Jayden enjoys reading, playing video games, going for walks outside, trying new restaurants around town, and travelling.

Jayden is fluent in English and Korean and proficient in Japanese.

Proudly part of:

College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia


Schedule a treatment with Jayden online or by giving us a call at 604-437-7777. You can also book a free discovery visit to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it can transform your life. At your discovery visit, Jayden will answer any questions, discuss symptoms, health concerns, and go over treatment options. This no-obligation discovery visit is a great way to find out which treatments are right for you.

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