Five Common Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Five Common Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Five Common Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Chiropractic care has been widely accepted by the medical community for decades with approximately 4.5 million Canadians seeing a chiropractor every year. Despite this, misconceptions continue to spread about this natural and safe form of alternative medicine. This misinformation can affect your understanding of chiropractic and even stop you from seeking the help of a chiropractor. To prevent this from happening, we’re setting the record straight by debunking the five most common chiropractic myths.

1) Myth: There’s no scientific proof to back up chiropractic care

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lots of studies have shown the effectiveness of spinal and joint manipulations when treating musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain. Spinal manipulative therapy is even recommended by many clinical practice guidelines including the American College of Physicians, Bone and Joint Decade Task Force and Britain’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.

2) Myth: Adjustments are painful

An adjustment or manipulation is a precise movement usually applied by hand to the vertebrae of the spine or other joints of the body. The goal of an adjustment is to restore proper movement. They are not painful in most cases and many patients report immediate pain relief after getting one.

There’s no need to be worried about that popping sound either. The sound produced during an adjustment is caused by the release of gas bubbles between bone joints. It’s actually the same sound you hear when you crack your knuckles and not the result of bones rubbing together or cracking. The noise can sound louder depending on the body part your chiropractor is working on. For example, a neck adjustment will sound much louder than a lower back adjustment simply because of how close it is to your ear.

3) Myth: Chiropractors can only treat back pain

Besides spinal disorders, chiropractors can treat neck pain, headaches, migraines and even conditions like arthritis and TMJ disorders. They’re also trained in nutrition, fitness and ergonomic counselling so they can help you achieve specific health goals such as:

  • Improving posture
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Increasing flexibility and range of motion
  • Preventing work-related injuries
  • Correcting gait and foot problems
  • Relieving pregnancy-related aches and pains

4) Myth: Seeing a chiropractor is expensive

Chiropractic care doesn’t cost very much when you compare it to other long-term treatment plans like surgery and medication. It can decrease medical costs too when used as a preventative measure and reduce the risk of injury. Chiropractic is also covered by most extended health plans making it accessible and affordable for many British Columbians. Our clinic offers direct billing to most insurance companies, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket or deal with any paperwork.

5) Myth: You need a doctor’s referral to see a chiropractor

No referral is required to see a chiropractor. You can access chiropractors directly because they are considered primary contact providers in every province. Keep in mind that some insurance companies may require a referral if you want to use your extended health benefits. Please contact your benefits provider to find out your coverage details.

To sum it up, chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive way to treat back and neck pain, headaches and even TMJ pain. Chiropractors undergo a minimum of seven years of higher education before getting licensed, which is comparable to the amount of time it takes to become a doctor. No referral is required to see a chiropractor and most extended health plans include coverage for chiropractic care.


Ready to see a chiropractor about that lingering back pain or still have questions as to how chiropractic care can help you? It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at – we would love for you to come in for a FREE, no-obligation Discovery Visit. Discovery Visits give you the chance to discuss your health concerns, get your questions answers and review potential treatment options with our chiropractor.


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